Incense Marco Polo's Treasures Orange Spice 20 g

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Handmade 100% natural incense Orange Spice. Made in accordance with traditional Vedic recipes. Incense sticks have since long been used for prayer, yoga, meditation, purification and religious rituals of every kind and in every place. 

Packaging: Cardboard/paper
Made in: India

Product specifications
100% natural ingredients, approved by ECOCERT-greenlife
Handmade with respect to nature and humanity
No chemical or petroleum-based ingredients
10 sticks per box
Stick size: 23 cm (9 inch)
Burning time: 60-80 minutes

Marco Polo's Treasures incenses by Fiore d'Oriente
Fiore d'Orientes laboratories in Balgalore, India, are responsible for selecting the best raw material and preparing the Masala mix which the incense stick is created from. The incense is shipped by air and is delivered to their workshops in Italy for packaging within one week in order to always have a fresh product.

The masala (blend) is made of honey, rare wood powders, essential oils, spices and exclusive resins to make soft and gummy incense releasing a unique fragrance with an amazing quality. Only natural ingredients are used, with no chemical perfumes or mineral oils. The Masala is prepared in accordance with the same secret recipe as it was 400 years ago, as prescribed by the ancient Vedic teachings, the lunar phases, the sun’s and the planets' orbits and very precious traditional secrets.

Honey, coconut charcoal powder, Machilus macranta gum, Ailanthus malabarica gum, Ailanthus malabarica powder, Citrus aurantium dolcis oil, Cinnamomum zeylanicum bark, Cinnamomum zeylanicum oil.